Chuck, the Yellow Bird is a character in the Angry Birds series of games created by Rovio Entertainment. He was first introduced in 2009 with the original launch of the game. He is a yellow canary.

About Chuck

Chuck has the ability to speed up when the screen is tapped. His game speed is much slower than his toons speed, as Chuck can move regular speed when time is slowed down almost completely.


Chuck seen in Angry Birds.


Unlike the other birds, he is cone shaped, with a mop of black head feathers and red eyebrows. However, in the early cutscenes, he was the size of The Blues and had top feathers like Red. In his earlier cartoon version, Chuck appears as a large cone shaped bird and the mop black head feathers are large similar to a mohawk, his beak is also large and has large black feathers on his back. Now he dosent.

Personal Data

NAME: Chuck

ABILLITIES: Speeding up when screen is tapped




LOCATIONS: Manny Games


SIZE: Normal



Chuck in Angry Birds Toons

Chuck has a very mixed personality, having different personalities in different media. In the comics, Chuck isenthusiastic and arrogant.


Chuck has appeared in the following games:

  • Angry Birds
  • Angry Birds Rio
  • Angry Birds Seasons
  • Angry Birds Friends
  • Angry Birds Space (as Lazer Bird)
  • Angry Birds Star Wars (as Chuck Solo and Lando Calrissian)
  • Angry Birds GO! (himself and as Ayrton Senna)
  • Angry Birds Chrome
  • Angry Birds Google+
  • Angry Birds Volcano
  • Angry Birds Magic
  • Angry Birds in The Hunt For The Golden Pistachio
  • Angry Birds Vuela Tazos
  • Angry Birds Fuji TV
  • Angry Birds Coca-Cola
  • Angry Birds Toons
  • Bad Piggies
  • Angry Birds Friends (mobile)
  • Angry Birds Epic
  • Angry Birds Transformers (as Bumblebee and High Octane Bumblebee)
  • Angry Birds Fight
  • Angry Birds 2
  • Sonic Dash (only available for a limited time, part of the Angry Birds Epic promotion)
  • Angry Birds POP! (for a limited time only but then it became playable)
  • Angry Birds Action


In an episode of Angry Birds Toons, he once saved Red from a great height. He transformed somehow, making him have an ultra speed boost.


Proto Chuck, which resembles Red.

His original look, showing two top feathers and dark eyebrows, was similar to Red (and again exclaiming “#”) and was much smaller in size. This was later changed to his final look with a mop of black hair-like feathers on the top of his head.

In the course of the battles with the Pigs, he has traveled to many different locations and environments, including thedesert, underground caves and beaches. The Pigs never rest in their quest to steal eggs and the Flock often has to retrieve their eggs on holidays and special occasions. In one instance, the Pigs captured the entire Flock, including Chuck. It was only for the actions of Terence, the Big Brother Bird that the Flock was freed.

At an indeterminate time later, the Flock was captured as rare birds and taken to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where they fought with Blu and Jewel and their friends against Nigel the cockatoo and Mauro and his marmosets.


  • Chuck is very strong on wood, making him a good bird to use on it. However, he can't destroy square blocks that well and can only shatter one square block.
  • He can't do much damage to Glass. He can only destroy one glass block at the same time.
  • Chuck's aiming angle is different from other birds. When Chuck is first launched from the slingshot, he flies at an angle like most birds. However, when his rush ability is activated, he will shoot straight at the target.

In Angry Birds Epic

A master of wizardry, whose spells can wipe out an entire group of enemies!


Intitial class

Location: South Beach Pig Prison

Chuck deals damage equal to 55% AD to all enemies, regardless of who is targeted.
Chuck encloses himself or target ally with an electric shield. Enemies who come into contact with the target are dealt 75% of Chuck's AD. The shield remains active for 3 turns.

Pros Attacks everyone and he can give his ally a shock shield.

Cons Only one bird is given a shock shield each turn.

Power  Boost 


Location: Cobalt Plateau

65% chance to immediately remove helpful effects from all enemies. Deals 45% damage.
Target bird immediately attacks a random enemy.

Pros Wipes out the passive effects of enemies. Makes any bird attack during his turn.

Cons Deals less damage than Mage. The bird he makes attack will only attack a random and using it on himself is just a normal attack.

Power  Boost N/A


Location: Pirate Coast

Deals 20% damage to all enemies. Targets also take35% damage per turn for the next 3 turns.
Removes all harmful effects from target. All birds are healed by 20% of Chuck's health.

Pros Poisons everyone except pirates. The only class that can do direct healing and cancels bad status effects. Healing is very strong when Chuck's maximum health is high.

Cons Its attack is ineffective against ironclad enemies.

Power  Boost 


Location: Snowy Peak

Deals 100% damage. Lightning strikes 3 other targets, getting weaker with each jump. (Each jump deals 67%,45%30% damage. Target is selected randomly.
Each attack on the target fills the Rage Chili by 5% and has a 20% chance to stun the attacker for 2 turns. Lasts 3 turns.

Pros The most powerful class of all, making it possible to damage ironclad pigs and he can produce a stun shield and boost rage chili.

Cons It is the only class that can't damage every pig on screen (unless there are only 1-4 pigs on the battlefield).

Power  Boost 


Location: Giant Red Valley (Friendship gate access only)/Shop

Deals 45% damage to all enemies. The selected target takes +25% damage for 3 turns.
Enemies attacking any birds receive 35% damage per attack. Lasts 3 turns.

Pros Drop enemies' defense. Unlike Mage, everyone gets the lightning shield.

Cons None.

Power  Boost 

Location: South Beach Pig Prison

Chuck deals damage equal to 61% AD to all enemies, regardless of who is targeted.
Chuck encloses himself or target ally with an electric shield. Enemies who come into contact with the target are dealt 83% of Chuck's AD. The shield remains active for 3 turns.

Pros 10% boosted efficiency class of normal Mage.

Cons Still, only one bird is given a shock shield each turn.

Power  Boost 

275 (Until the Sonic Dash event is over) or Collect 5 , 10 , 20 , 25  and 30 

Location: Sonic Dash event

Dancing SparkDeals 80% damage, 25% of dealt damage to target is applied to all other enemies, last 3 turns.
Mirror ImageCreates mirror image of the target, which attacks a second time, dealing 50% damage. Last 2 turns.

Pros Chuck's Dancing Spark ability is versatile as it can deal high damage to ironclads and attacking the target dealing damage to other pigs. Few pigs with dodging can be dealt this damage. The Mirror Image is good for dealing multiple attacks with classes such as Samurai, Stone Guard, Priestess, Cannoneer and Marksmen and there are multiple strategies. 1) With priestess' Angelic Touch, birds will receive more healing. 2) With the Marksmen's Volley, enemies will deal more damage.

Cons Dancing spark's effect is useless on target that are immune to harmful effects. Mirror Image may not be helpful against Ironclads (unless you use high damage dealing birds).

Power  Boost 
Immediately launch 5 attacks from random birds to random enemies.
 - ArenaImmediately launch 3 attacks from your birds.

Lazer Bird

Lazer Bird is the classic Yellow Bird. But purple in color instead of yellow. In the game, Lazer Bird's abilities are similar to Chuck, with a slightly different control method. Instead of the player tapping the screen to increase speed, tapping now chooses a directional target. Lazer Bird will turn at a sharp angle and accelerate toward the chosen target, ignoring gravity until hitting something. However, he cannot follow a moving target. His goggles resemble those ofCyclops.

In the game, cutscenes, the loading screen, and for the plush toy, Lazer Bird has a cape. He originally only had a lightning bolt tail, but it was removed and he was wearing a cape in the second Red Planet update.

Han Solo Bird

Chuck is Han Solo in the Star Wars game. His ability is to shoot a red laser 3 times from his blaster based on Han Solo's. He is turned to carbonite in Cloud City. Name comes from the Angry Birds Online Shop.

In the Moon of Endor update, Princess Stella melted the carbonite Chuck was frozen into. Chuck was given an upgrade to make him shoot more powerful blue lasers.

According to the Angry Birds Star Wars Character Encyclopedia, his in-book's name is "Chuck "Ham" Solo". He is a junk food smuggler and associates with criminals. However, Chuck is considered a hero who helps the bird rebels. He is very good at gambling and won the Mighty Falcon (his spaceship) in a game of cards with Lando Classarian. (see below)  He is confident and thinks he is cool, but others do not think the same. Some times he even has no idea whatsoever of what he is doing at all. This cocky smuggler is very good with using a blaster and makes missing a target almost impossible. Solo only does what he wants, so he gets aggravated when Princess Stella will order him around. It is said that he is confused that he has a love interest on her. His home planet is Corellia and has the skill of dodging obstacles. Among him and Terebacca there is a firm friendship


  • When he turns into a corpse, Chuck rolls like a ball, even though his body is a cone.
  • Hal makes the same pain noises when becoming a corpse as Chuck.
  • Chuck's top feathers appear like Red's feathers in some earlier cutscenes. This was later changed to his in-game black mop-top design.
    • In the early cutscenes before the Birdday update of Angry Birds, Chuck was the same size as the Blues,but was soon changed to his now bigger size.
    • In cutscenes, Chuck seems to always be the one to notice the Pigs running away with the eggs, except The Big Setup.
    • Chuck owns a music player, as shown in the Angry Birds Toons trailer.
    • In Chuck Time, when Chuck sees Red falling off a cliff, he perceives it as slow-motion. Chuck's perception of time becomes slower than everyone else when he puts on the headband, explaining why he is able to act more quickly than other birds.
    • Chuck has astraphobia, a great fear of thunder, shown in Thunder Chuck.
    • He is the "Peacock of The Flock",announced here
    • Chuck is jealous of Terence, but mostly scared of him.
    • Being that he is the fastest playable bird, along with a name like Chuck, his name is a possible reference to famous Action movie star, Chuck Norris.
    • In Inanimate Insanity Episode 4, he appears demonstrating the slingshot in the challenge.
    • One of his costumes resembles Pikachu from the Pokémon series.
    • As revealed in the Angry Birds 2 website, Chuck can run up to 100 mph, and sometimes faster.
    • In The Angry Birds Movie, Chuck is shown to be left-handed. This can be proven by various things he does with his left hand such as painting with it, raising it, and more. This can also be proven in the AMC promotion and the Regal Crown Club promotion, where he holds the cards and other items with his left hand.