Bad piggies


Bad Piggies 3DS is a game launched worldwide 2012. It has 1000 levels.

It is the best game in 3DS!!!!


The Ross pig is the main protagonist in the game he is also 20 years old. Foreman pig is the second one. He is the oldest pig and he first appeared in level 3-12. King Pig is the third one. He first appeared in level 2-10 and appears in a lot of levels.

List of levels

Bp Underconstrution Under Pigstruction!

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Level 1-1

First level. A bit tricky.


  • To make it to the goal, the player needs to get fast.
  • Red makes cameo.

Level 1-2

Yeah better but more trickier.


  • This looks lke the player needs to make the pig roll.

Level 1-3

I just like it better.

  • Awesome.