Welcome to this wiki. This is the home of Angry Birds Fanon! NOTE: This wiki was made by the founder, Juan Jose Cabrera. WARNING: This wiki will be discontinued on December 25 2018 (But dont worry, I will make a new wiki). ''Fans, I just love Angry Birds Games. I love Rovio, and many other games".

All about me

Hi! My name is Juan Jos Cabrera. I live in San Diego, California. I love using PCS and consoles. My favorite is the Xbox 360.


Favicons and Logos


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Reasons to close this

The first reason is because this is a fan wiki. I dont like doing fake stuff.

The second reason is because this has nobody looking at it.

The final reason is because I just like it, but its going older.

Blocks and Protection

When i see someone disobeying the rules, I block him/her. I dont like when people dont follow the rules. I Also put protection for articles (only if they are important or if someone tries to mess with it) because i dont like people messing with them.


Here are the rules:


WARNING: If you do mess with them then I am blocking you. I dont like when people mess with articles.

  • Sometimes I dont even like articles with bad stuff in them.


If someone sends me a bad message I am blocking you. I do NEVER send bad messages.

Fan stuff

Fan is like a diffrent version of something.

Thank you for your support

Thank you for following the rules of the wiki. Now you can start making articles!